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What We Do


The art made in 2020 is now a part of history. Collecting these artworks in a comprehensive archive is an important part of remembering what happened.


Preserving the art for generations to come will keep the story we're trying to tell alive as well as continue to support our community.


Accessibility is a fundamental part of the work that we do. Activating these murals through community events and public exhibitions allows our community to continue to heal, learn, and remember. 


Partnering with individuals and organizations alike, we will build long lasting connections beneficial to all of our communities. 


Through continuing to share the stories of the 2020 uprising and beyond, we work to keep the movement alive. Whether that be educating through speaking engagements or exhibitions, we want to empower people of all walks to seek social change and representation for Black and Brown people.


If not for the bravery and creativity of the artists who created them, we would not have this art. We want to continue to create spaces for Black artists to express themselves and tell their stories.


Memorialize The Movement offers various programs for the community and possible collaborators. From speaking engagements to full scale exhibitions, there are many options to bring to your communities.

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