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These are some of the programs that Memorialize The Movement offers to the community and partners. There are many nuances between events, so overall execution and final product will look different from event to event. Prices can vary drastically depending on the event as well, so please reach out to us directly for inquiries.

General Brochure


Exhibitions tend to be larger events in which the large murals are brought out and showcased. To constitute an exhibition, there must either be at least 5 full murals or 10 panels on display. MTM also handles the planning and curation of the exhibit within the decided theme. This type of service is typically the most labor intensive.


Community Events

Community Events can look similar to Exhibitions as murals can be brought out to them. But the main difference is that MTM does not plan the event as a whole. MTM is just an attendee/community partner that makes up a part of the whole Community Event.


Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements are often done by the ED Leesa Kelly, but may occasionally also be handled by other MTM staff. This service is typically a lecture, discussion, or community conversation in which the conversation is led by MTM. Past Speaking Engagement topics have touched on museum culture, protest art, 2020 uprising, etc.


Painting Workshops

Painting Workshops are hosted often by MTM, but also occasionally include collaborations between MTM and other entities. These workshops are held to provide individuals (especially youth) an outlet to express themselves creatively in a nonjudgmental environment. Snacks and supplies are always included for attendees.

Let's Work Together

Please reach out if you would like to inquire about one or multiple of our programs.

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