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Justice for George: Our Strength, Our Story

On May 21st of 2022, the Justice for George: Our Strength, Our Story Exhibit was held. The 2nd Annual Justice for George Exhibit focused on the strength in our community over the past two years through a global pandemic and a revived Civil Rights Movement. Memorialize The Movement hosted the event free of charge for the community to attend and gather in solidarity of one another.

With the growth of Memorialize The Movement over the past few years, the 2nd Annual Exhibit also experienced measurable growth from the previous year. It's estimated that 500+ individuals cycled through the Exhibit during the 8 hours it was live.

This year there were 200+ panels activated for the public in a similar fashion as the previous year. The main difference between these two Exhibits was the inclusion of horizontal murals in addition to the many vertical murals that have been activated over the past few years. Previously, Memorialize The Movement wasn't able to activate horizontal murals due to not having the structural capacity to do so. But, this year, with the help of local woodshops, Memorialize the Movement was able to build the structures needed to successfully exhibit horizontal pieces from our collection.

With the 200+ panels, horizontal mural inclusions, Memorialize The Movement also commissioned 9 local artists to paint live at the exhibit. Space was also provided for the local Girl Scouts troop to paint two of their own murals. There were 5 local musical artists that performed at the exhibit as well. And finally, there were 10+ community organizations and vendors made up of BIPOC people that offered resources to BIPOC folks and other individuals from underprivileged communities.

This exhibit was full of love and solidarity and going forward Memorialize The Movement will continue to provide spaces to uplift our local community, BIPOC individuals, and those of other underprivileged communities.

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