Memorialize the Movement is a grassroots organization with the mission of collecting and preserving the plywood artwork that was being created in the wake of the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis during the summer of 2020.

They have led an ever-growing team of volunteers around the Twin Cities to collect the plywood murals from businesses and artists in an effort to save as many of them as possible to be preserved and archived. Since July of 2020, they have collected over 800 boards which are now being stored in a climate-controlled storage space until they can establish a more permanent space. Their long-term plan for this art is to build a public memorial so that this Black narrative is preserved and accessible to the public.

Meet The Founder

Leesa Kelly - Founder | Executive Director

Leesa is a Chicago Native who moved to Minnesota in 2017. When she is not collecting and preserving the plywood murals, she is writing for her blog, leesalives, or facilitating self care workshops that inspire and encourage BIWOC to center themselves in times of crisis. She believes in dismantling oppressive systems and rebuilding new systems that work for ALL people.