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Justice For George:
Space As Canvas

This year’s Justice for George 2024 (May 24th and 25th) event will center around Memorialize the Movement's (MTM) relocation to South Minneapolis, a neighborhood irrevocably changed by the murder of George Floyd. After his murder in 2020, we watched our city become a canvas for creative expression, through art, protest, community building, and advocacy. Over the last four years, we have taken on the stewardship of those stories, through the preservation, conservation, and activation of the plywood murals. This year's theme, "Space as Canvas," encourages us to think about the ways in which we as a community use physical and abstract space to express ourselves creatively. With the help of our South Minneapolis community members and local muralists, we will be painting a mural on our new physical space as an embodiment of this concept. 

On day one we will be kicking off the weekend with a Paint to Express workshop hosted by MTM, a panel discussion, and a documentary film screening. Day two will be held in the parking lot of our Headquarters and will feature a real time mural painting on our building, open house to walk through of our HQ, live performances, food, and a vendor fair featuring local arts organizations and local artists selling their original work.



Follow the links below to register for Day 1 and 2.

Outline of Day 1

  • A  Paint to Express workshop hosted by MTM

  • A panel discussion featuring journalists and filmmakers who documented the uprising and pandemic in real time

  • A documentary film screening

  • Food from a local restaurant

Outline of Day 2

  • Open house walk through of our HQ so that attendees can see how we store and preserve the murals in our stewardship

  • Live musical performances including a DJ, solo musicians, live band, and West African dance group

  • Food from three local vendors

  • An artist fair featuring local artists selling their original work.

  • Photo Booth by Fotogenic

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